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About Us

Welcome to the website of Widchem. Thank you very much for your constant encouragement and support over a long period of time after the establishment  

Based on more diverse channels and long research experience, we will provide better quality service than .


November 2000 Withchem founded (Seocho-gu)

Converted to a corporation in 2013

Relocation in 2018 (Gangnam-gu)

<Main handling items>

Fluorine-related (surfactants, refrigerants, antistatic agents, solvents, additives, etc.)
Acrylic related (monomer, oligomer, etc.) 

Silicone-related (monomers, oligomers, silanes, etc.)

Epoxy-related (monomer, oligomer, etc.)

Other custom intermediates

ceramic and inorganic materials

Many special reagents, etc.

<Overseas partners>
3M, Exfluor, Oakwood Products, Daicel, Daicel finechem, Hitachi Kasei, Acros Organics, Hybrid Plastics, Sigma-Aldrich, Strem, TCI, etc.

<Professional spirit>
All of our executives and staff we will do our best to be with our customers in their free and creative work progress.

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