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Introduction of item

This is the field handled by Withchem and the corresponding product group.

전자 회로

electrical and electronic business

<Main fields>
Display - LCD materials, LED phosphors, OLED intermediates, etc.
Semiconductor - PR (KrF, ArF) materials, Thinner materials, Flux materials, Insulation materials, etc.
Secondary battery - Lithium battery (ternary, LFP, LiS) 4 major raw materials and binders 

작은 녹색 식물

life science business

<Main fields>
Pesticides - Manufacturing subsidiary materials, antioxidants, etc.
Medicines - Synthetic supplements, reagents, etc.

건설 현장

architecture construction industry

<Main areas>
Construction - Binders and supplementary materials for paint and rubber, etc.
Construction - binding materials, compounding materials, etc.

Scientist in the Lab

reagents and materials

<Main fields>
Organic/inorganic reagents and materials in various fields

(Aldrich, Strem, Oakwood, Third world country manufacturers other than Exfluor, etc.)
Test room materials, etc.

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